Sunday, February 19, 2006

Campaign Fun

I'll stick up a couple exciting pictures later if they're worth looking at, but i just walked out of Lois Murphy's kickoff event. Various state legislature members were there, as did congressional candidates Lois Murphy and Joe Sestak, who currently has the oddest campaign URL which I hope will be fixed. Sestak is a retired Vice Admiral who kinda pushed Bryan Lentz out of the race when he decided to run. I was a bit worried this was just a matter of Admiral trumping Major as I quite liked Lentz, but Sestak actually seemed like he might be a quality candidate to get rid of Crazy Curt Weldon.

Rendell also spoke. He mostly avoided his annoying tendency to place himself above the partisan fray. He did momentarily slip into annoying process talk about religion/values, but he came back from that rather nicely by making the stunning (for a major politician) admission that he isn't an "overly religious person" and then stating that while that was the case he was rather familiar with the Old and New Testaments (contary to popular belief Rendell is not Italian but Jewish) and there wasn't too much about gay marriage and abortion in there. So, instead of whining about how we need to hate abortion and the gay more than we do he said we needed to stop letting them define what values are. Not bad, overall.