Thursday, February 02, 2006

Clean House

Kos tells us that we have a chance to get rid of another loathsome Democrat who just pulled a Lieberman.

For the speech Tuesday, Mr. Cuellar positioned himself along the president's route and grabbed a seat on the Republican side of the aisle. Custom dictates that the Democrats stay to the speaker's right and Republicans to the left, making it easier to gauge party-line splits on applause lines.

"Doesn't really matter," the congressman said. "It's the U.S. Congress side. I didn't see any sign that says Democratic or Republican."

Actually, this is worse than Lieberman - it's the kind of thing people do right before they switch parties.

Fortunately, there's a contested primary and no Republican scheduled to run. Cuellar's primary opponent is Ciro Rodriguez. Rodriguez and Cuellar had a primary fight after DeLay's redistrcting meant that one of them would be turfed out of Congress. Cuellar won, but only by a little bit.

A little bit of additional motivation. That's Bush and his bff Cuellar.

So, Rodriguez gets added to the candidate list. This is an important one. I'd say it would be quite a big accomplishment if the netroots could get rid of Lieberman's twin in the House. Warm up for the big event.

Give early. Give soon. Give now. The Primary is on March 7.

More on Cuellar, who has also been endorsed by the evil Club for Growth.