Thursday, February 02, 2006

Competing for Ultimate Wanker

More on Cuellar, from the October 27, 2000 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Two Texas Democratic state legislators picked Thursday, the day Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore campaigned outside Wisconsin's Capitol, to come to Madison to endorse Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush.

Democratic state Reps. Robert Junell and Henry Cuellar, both leaders of their party in the Texas House of Representatives, said their endorsement of the Republican governor resulted from his willingness to work with members of both parties to solve Texas problems. They also said they were angry that national Democratic leaders have unfairly criticized Texas under Bush.

Gore "has been a part of that system" in Washington that has resulted in only partisan gridlock, including the failure of Congress to pass a new federal budget for the budget year that started Oct. 1, said Junell, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee that acts on spending issues.

"We've seen what has worked," Junell said.

Cuellar said Bush has worked with legislators from both parties to find new ways to help minorities. Now, 55% of all first-grade students in Texas are minorities, and more than 60% of all high school graduates who get state scholarships to attend local colleges and universities are minorities, he said.

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