Thursday, February 09, 2006

Daily Ciro


More recently, Cuellar made some Democrats furious when a photo was published showing President Bush grabbing Cuellar’s cheeks at the State of the Union. After liberal blogs posted the photo, Rodriguez’s campaign has raked in the cash, more than $70,000 from online donors, according to ActBlue, a Democratic online clearinghouse.

“He has pissed off every single Democrat [in Washington],” Rodriguez said in an interview. In fact, campaign-finance records show that at least 10 current members of Congress have donated to Rodriguez’s campaign, while not a single one has given to the incumbent Cuellar. “That never happens,” Rodriguez added.

Roll Call:

Rodriguez raised $168,882 last year to finish 2005 with a measly $43,071 in cash on hand, compared to Cuellar, who raised $660,237 and banked $293,833.

But the Rodriguez campaign claims it brought in around $85,000 in January, not to mention the additional $30,000-plus it collected last week after a couple of liberal Web logs featured Cuellar’s friendly moment with Bush as the president exited the House chamber after delivering the State of the Union.

A wee more than $30,000 now. Anyway, you can help here.