Friday, February 10, 2006


What Kevin Drum and Anne Lamott say.

And while I agree that such language probably isn't the language of politicians I also don't think the current model of abortion hand-wringing that is being pushed by various people is especially good politically either. "Abortion is bad bad bad but it should be legal" isn't really an appealing message. My take is that a solid majority of the country is basically in the "pro-choice for me and not for thee" crowd. They know there are "good" and "bad" abortions and some of that moral judgment is inseperable from basic moral judgments about women having sex. But they certainly imagine that when the time comes that it's a decision they will make without Tom DeLay's help. The trick is making people understand that "pro-choice for me" requires, in practice, "pro-choice for thee" as well and having that trump peoples' general busybody tendencies.