Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Is This True?

In interview today Dick said:

Q Let me ask you another question. Is it your view that a Vice President has the authority to declassify information?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: There is an executive order to that effect.

Q There is.


Q Have you done it?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, I've certainly advocated declassification and participated in declassification decisions. The executive order --

Q You ever done it unilaterally?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: I don't want to get into that. There is an executive order that specifies who has classification authority, and obviously focuses first and foremost on the President, but also includes the Vice President.

There are also two separate issues here. First, does the Veep have the legal power to declassify things? And, second, does that right allow him to selectively leak classified shit to random people without actually declassifying it? You know, like Bob Woodward or whoever he tells Scooter to leak to.