Monday, February 06, 2006

Meanwhile In Local Wankerville

One of the candidates on the Eschaton Act Blue list is Lois Murphy. She's running against the awful Jim Gerlach, who's good at pretending to be moderate when it doesn't matter so he can fool the apparently unsophisticated Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board into saying nice things about him. In December Gerlach voted for the budget bill when they needed to try to pass it. And, then, when it came up for a vote again he voted against it once they'd managed to secure enough votes to pass it. In other words, a profile in cowardice which is given praise by the suckers at the Inquirer. This is an all too common feature of our local newspaper. They provide the applause for all of the meaningless gestures our local fake moderate Republicans make in order to prove they're moderate. The Inquirer should know better. Actually, I assume they do, but this basic dance has been going on forever. For some reason they play along.

But, anyway, this isn't about Gerlach. Apparently Murphy has a primary opponent, something I was previously unaware of. Given that Murphy almost won the election last time I doubt this guy is going to provide an actual challenge, but he's performing the role of the "Fox News Democrat" here, providing Gerlach's lines for him.

Consider this:

Like Murphy, Leibowitz said he believes Gerlach has become beholden to party members like House Majority Leader Tom Delay, overwhelmingly voting with him on key issues. On the other hand, Murphy, a former president of NARAL Pro-Choice Pennsylvania, makes some of the district’s “pro-life Democrats” uncomfortable, he suggests.

Leibowitz claims to be "pro-choice" but thinks someone who, you know, actually supports choice will turn off voters. Oh. Okay.