Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More Media

Meet the Press responds to Media Matters.

Media Matters responds to the response.


...it's addressed in the second link, but I just wanted to highlight how deceptive (deliberately or not) this claim from MtP was:

In summary, for the first term of President Clinton (1993-1996), the ideological breakdown of guests on "Meet the Press" was as follows: 260 Democrats to 208 Republicans - for a ratio of 56% Dem to 44% GOP). How different is that from the first term of President Bush? Well, it's basically the same - according to Media Matters own findings - Republicans accounted for 58% of all guests on Sunday shows in President Bush's first term and Democrats accounted for 42% of appearances).

This of course is comparing Meet the Press guests during Clinton's first term with guests from all Sunday shows in Bush's first term.