Sunday, February 05, 2006


It's very rare to have such a clean chance to make a statement in a primary. The wanker Cuellar's Bush/Republican love is well documented and the seat is such a safe Democratic one that concerns about appealing to conservative voters or other electability issues are not in play at all. The case is often made that progressives need to get more actively involved in primaries in order to get the party out of the clutches of the Blue Dog Democrats and similar, but it's often just an unrealistic thing to do for various reasons.

This, however, is a clean shot. If you've got a few bucks donate to Rodriguez. If you live anywhere near volunteer to help.

If you're a massively rich liberal for whom a couple of thousand bucks isn't a big deal, then consider that your 2 grand will probably go much farther in this race than in any other race this year.