Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dear Windows Users

Don't care much, either. You're on your own.

Other things I don't much care about:

Your pet cause. Whatever it is, I don't care about it, or at least I certainly don't care about it as much as you do. It's your pet cause after all! That's sort of how these things work.

Your hatred of television. No one should watch it, it's all bad, utter waste of time which could be spent doing amazingly inspiring and productive things, and you have not turned one on fir 35 years which makes you an expert. Got it.

Your new blog that you started yesterday. Hey, it might turn out brilliantly. Or not. You'll likely tire of it in about a week. Or not. Feel free, however, to send me a note about something you've written for that new blog. Might be brilliant! The blog on the whole, probably not so much yet.

Your hatred of musical genre [fill in the blank]. Yes we know that [...] is the the most awful music ever and only fools and idiots without any taste listen to that crap. You of course do not listen to any of it ever which makes you an expert on genre [...].

Probably lots of other things I don't care much about, but that should drive away a few more readers.