Friday, March 17, 2006

More Internets

Kos has more on the stupid goo-gooers who don't understand what they're dealing with. I'm struck by the number of people at Kos and elsewhere who just really do not understand the issues at play. It has nothing to do with how much advertising revenue Markos gets. Unless the internet is exempted from the legal definition of "public communication" or other similarly strong safeguards are put into place then sites like Democratic Underground and the Free Republic would have to shut down or reform as political committees. If, as reformers want, state party committees have to start putting a value on posting up a link to a federal canddiate sites then links to candidates or republications of campaign materials would have to be assigned a specific value (how I have no idea). It wouldn't just impact the ability of Markos to make money, it would make it literally impossible for him to run the site as he currently does. It wouldn't just impact "big bloggers" it would potentially impact everyone.