Sunday, March 26, 2006

Next Step

Tristero on Ben:

Many bloggers have suggested that the recently unemployed Ben Domenech should seriously consider signing up for service in the military (but not, presumably, as a blogger for the Army Times). Far be it for me to disagree, but I would like to suggest an equally worthy alternative.

Ben can grab himself one of those groovy new digital videocams, catch the next plane to Iraq, and hitch-hike around, carefully filming all the good news in the country. You know what I'm talking about, Ben: All the schools opening, the pipelines flowing, the new businesses being generated (terrorism insurance not included; that's been covered), the overstaffed hospitals, the fearless Iraqi policemen, and the many public squares all over Iraq's villages and towns renamed in honor of George W. Bush.

While there's some snark in all of these suggestions I actually think they're genuinely good ideas. Young adult screws up and takes hit to career and reputation. It isn't going to ruin his life but it will be harder to climb back up in the game. Strap on a gun or a camera and go to Iraq, either way it'll be the quickest possible route to rehabbing his rep.