Thursday, March 30, 2006

Red America

I wonder if Neal Boortz qualifies as a proper representative:

BOORTZ: ...The United Nations and the Euro-weenies, who have their own immigration problem with their own "M" word; It's Muslims for them. They will start screaming about human rights violations like you've never heard them screaming before. They are not going to be shipped back. I mean, Royal, think about -- Mexico doesn't want 'em back, first of all. Think what happens if we round -- first of all, where do we store 11 million Hispanics just waiting to ship 'em back to Nicaragua, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico. Where do we store 'em?

ROYAL MARSHALL (show engineer and occasional co-host): That's a good point.

BOORTZ: You know, the Atlanta Coliseum? I know --

MARSHALL: Superdome!

BOORTZ: The Superdome! Exactly. And the Astrodome in Houston. That's where we'll put 'em. We've got practice. Got practice. But where are we -- and then, what happens if Mexico says, "We ain't taking 'em back"?