Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Reducing Abortion

I don't have a link and I won't quote it in full, but Reid and Clinton are offering an amendment to the Budget Resolution which presumably would do all the things the Saletanian "abortion is icky" crowd thinks is vital for recapturing the center in the abortion debate even though we've pretty much got it captured. Bullet points:

Increase funding for the National Family Planning Program (Title X);
Pass the Equity in Prescription Insurance and Contraceptive Coverage (EPICC) bill so we may end insurance discrimination against women;
Improve awareness and understanding of emergency contraception; and
Improve teen pregnancy prevention programs.

So, here's the olive branch thingy we're always supposed to be doing to appeal to the mythical "don't like abortion but aren't anti-sex" voting bloc. Well, they're offering it. The press will ignore it. The Republicans will reject it because in case anyone hasn't noticed they're also anti-contraception and radically anti-"emergency contraception" and aren't actually interested in reducing unwanted pregnancies. And, a few months from now, the abortion is icky crowd will be back to hectoring us about how we need to be focusing on reducing abortions because that is the way to find common ground with the anti-choicers...