Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ripping Us Off

Josh Marshall has a right to be pissed. Look, personally I've never cared about getting credit for stuff other media types might happen to lift from this site. I was anonymous for a couple of years and I know that a good way to undercut the validity of a story is to credit its origin to "some anonymous dude on the internet" even if the reporter has verified the information independently. A few times I've told reporters/editors/columnists to run with stuff they find here without crediting me. I've always been interested in just getting the good stuff out there and not really caring how it's done or where it comes from, and it's silly to try to take credit for stuff which is often highly collaborative between readers, other blogs, me, etc., just because I have a big megaphone.

Most of all, original reporting isn't the focus here and even if occasional acts of reporting happen I'm not trying to establish Eschaton as credible news outlet the way that Josh and Raw Story are. While journalism doesn't have the same citation standards of academia, and it generally shouldn't, reporters shouldn't feel entitled to rip things off just because they were originally reported on the internets.

I'm sure Alt Weekly reporters are chuckling to themselves, "welcome to our world..."