Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ad Nags

I'm not quite as mad as John about the referenced Ad Nags article. More than anything it reveals what is probably the fundamental issue with Nagourney - he's not a very bright person. Yes it's imbalanced and yes like every other article which mentions blogs it avoids commenting on the racist freak show that is much of the right wing blogosphere.

But, mostly I just come away thinking that Adam's one stupid person.

Remember when the Harriet Miers blog came out and while funny at first it didn't seem quite right because it was hard to imagine that the Harriet Miers character had anything to do with the real Harriet Miers? And then the love letters to the best governor ever came out and suddenly the blog seemed to be a lot more true to form than anyone could have imagined?

After reading that article I feel much the same away about the Ad Nags blog. I always thought it captured quite the essence of Nagourney-the-journalist while not necessarily providing a parody of his actual personality. Now I'm starting to wonder if Nagourney writes it himself.