Thursday, April 13, 2006

Miserable Failure

Will Bunch returns us to that awful day of 9/11, when brave brave sir Bush bravely ran away, leaving no one in charge, as the nightmare was descending. On that day there was a colossal failure of leadership and a colossal failure by NORAD to respond to the unfolding threats.

He seems to have edited it out, but last night when I read it Bunch asked why bloggers weren't so interested in the subject. Bunch wonders why there's little blogosphere commentary on the subject. I guess in a way we're all a bit like Michael Moore who started off making a movie about 9/11 and then ended up making one about Iraq. The media's general refusal to confront the reality of 9/11 rather than the myths they helped create is impossible to puncture, and at this point is largely dwarfed by subsequent clusterfucks. It was long ago decided that Bush's tremendous ability to stand on a grave site and mumble incoherently through a bullhorn was a display of "tremendous leadership" which trumped the miserable failure of the previous days, and even now it's like farting in church to suggest otherwise. One goes against such ironclad conventional wisdom at one's peril, and there are more current failures to deal with...