Sunday, April 09, 2006

Moral Agency

Scott Lemieux is right:

Shorter Joyner: It's so unfair to compare American pro-lifers to ones in El Salvador--I swear, we're completely unprincipled hacks who don't take the only legitimate rationale for abortion criminalization seriously, and don't think women are moral agents! It never ceases to amaze me that American pro-lifers think that the illogical construction and aribtrary enforcement of abortion statutes is an argument in their favor.

This is regarding American anti-choicers being unwilling to propose criminal penalties for women who get abortions. In addition to being moral gobbledygook, it's actually decidedly more anti-woman than the opposite would be. It says that women are not responsible for their actions.

It's time for anti-choicers to have some moral and ethical consistency in their arguments and it's time for our media to comprehend that that the anti-choice movement (as something somewhat distinct from all who consider themselves to be "pro-life") is anti-woman, anti-contraception, anti-sex, and anti-equality.