Monday, April 17, 2006

More Chicks

How they're treated in the alternate universe of our mainstream media.

And who knew those tough heartland folks were such WATBS:

Jessen said the song was played at least once on 41 of the 123 country stations Billboard monitors to compile the chart, with frequent airplay in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis and Cleveland -- large markets that can strongly influence chart position.

Not all big cities are playing it, though. WIL-FM in St. Louis, which hasn't had the Chicks in rotation since 2003, gave "Not Ready to Make Nice" a trial run and decided against adding it to the playlist after listeners complained with calls and e-mails.

"With the hard feelings out there, especially here in the heartland, combined with the in-your-face lyrics, I don't think that boded well for them," program director Greg Mozingo said.

In Denver, KYGO program director Joel Burke also was bothered by the lyrics. KYGO tested the song, and while Burke said listeners reacted favorably, he isn't ready to add it to the playlist.

"The ticked-off factor is beginning to subside," Burke said. "There is an appetite that I'm beginning to see for the first time in nearly three years that people are interested in the Dixie Chicks again.

"But what concerns me about this song is it's backward thinking," he added. "I'd rather wait until the CD comes out and pick a song we can embrace and that doesn't have any negative connection to it."

Meanwhile, America buys the CD.