Thursday, April 13, 2006


As I said (roughly) in a brief speech to the Penn Dems last week:

Before I finish I'd like to address something that all of us can do this year, something of tremendous importance. As you may or not be aware there is in fact a severe shortage of people named Murphy serving in the House of Representatives. It's vital that Murphy-Americans, as I call them, are properly represented in the corridors of power, and I would like to suggest that if historically we had elected more Murphy-Americans to Congress then we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years.

Over at Young Philly Politics DanielUA discusses Patrick Murphy. I've met Patrick a bunch of times, from the early days of his campaign until just recently. He's evolving nicely as a politician, but he's still a guy who will shoot from the hip. He doesn't waffle or mince words on women's rights, Iraq, Don't Ask Don't Tell, etc... He seems to have figured out pretty quickly that whatever you stand for, the smart thing to do is be clear and upfront about it instead of trying to serve up mushy obfuscation.