Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Why Are We In Iraq?

Apparently Evan Thomas of Newsweek thinks he knows. On Hardball:
Thomas: I don't think the Wmd... I've never thought the WMD was the reason we went to war. They went to war for other reasons. It was an excuse to go to war, it was a convenient excuse - they sorta believed it - but it really wasn't the reason they did it. [drunk hitchens and tweety babbling] Thomas: After 9/11 they felt they had to teach "The Arabs" a lesson. It was a demonstration of American force. We wanted to show the world - particularly the Arabs - how tough we were. I think that's why we went to war. Tweety: It had to be a big bang in response to 9/11. Thomas: Afghanistan was not a big enough bang.

Well, there you go.