Sunday, April 30, 2006

Your Liberal Media

From Boehlert's Lapdogs:

Executive editor Howell Raines wanted to show his right-wing critics wrong. "According to half a dozen sources within the Times, Raines wanted to prove once and for all that he wasn't editing the paper in a way that betrayed his liberal beliefs," wrote Seth Mnookin in his 2004 Times expose, Hard News. Mnookin quoted Doug Frantz, the former investigative editor of the Times, who recalled how "Howell Raines was eager to have articles that supported the war-mongering out of Washington. He discouraged pieces that were at odds with the administration's position on Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction and the alleged links of Al Qaeda."

Thank you Howell Raines for thinking that appeasing your conservative critics who, of course, led the mob which forced you to step down from the Times anyway, was more important than holding the administration accountable and bringing truth to your readers.