Sunday, May 28, 2006



BLITZER: He's trying to balance a realistic assessment. At the same time, he uses the phrase "a turning point," which may or may not happen.

RUSSERT: We do not know if this will be a turning point. The reason is, are there enough young Iraqis who will step forward and say, "I believe in this new democracy. And to prove that, I'm willing to shed my blood and give my life."

It is then and only then can Americans start coming home. That's the unanswered question. Do the Iraqis believe, across the board, in their government and willing to take on the insurgency without any question?

This is the level at which the guardians of our elite discourse think about the world. Lord help us.

A young Russert, standing up to the insurgency:

Military service of Tim Russert, who was 20 in 1970: