Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Do Nothing."

Actually, I think Rove was right here. There may not have been any good strategy, but once Republicans started mouthing off about plans to help with gas prices they put into place the expectation that they can and will do something. Short term there isn't anything they can do (perhaps not long term, either) that isn't anathema to Republicans and just waiting for the media to chase a new soccer ball might have been the best plan, under the assumption that prices would drop by October.

The only real thing which can be done to ease the real economic pain of gas prices would be something like:

In order to help those who are most impacted by high gas prices, we propose a $1000 tax credit for 90% of Americans, to be paid for by increasing taxes on the top 10%.

Or something similar. Frist's $100 was a joke.