Friday, May 05, 2006

Nothing to See Here

CNN is treating this as a perfectly normal event despite the fact that it's clearly not and is seemingly unaware of HOOKERS. Josh writes:

Here at TPM HQ we were listening to the president's announcement. And the talking heads on CNN were speculating whether Goss's departure might be part of Josh Bolten's 'new blood' shake up in the Bush administration. I don't suppose it anything to do with the fact that Goss is neck deep in the Wilkes-Corruption-and-Hookers story that's been burbling in the background all week. We don't know definitely why Goss pulled the plug yet. But the CIA Director doesn't march over to the White House and resign, effective immediately, unless something very big is up. CNN is getting something might be up, Bob Barr mentioning the Dukestir.