Sunday, June 25, 2006

BoBo's World

In which BoBo finally comes clean about his meth addiction and goatfucking obsession.

This new obsession with bloggers is rather funny, and like Stoller I don't quite get it. One would think there's nothing else important going on in the world. I also find it amusing the right wing bloggers apparently no longer exist anymore, locked in the attic like the crazy granny or something.

BoBo's long displayed a willingness to just make shit up, to present the world as it exists in his warped little imagination rather than as it actually does exist. Since, like Assrocket, he's a dorky middle-aged harmless looking pasty white guy people automatically assume he's "reasonable" when in fact he's basically a third-rate propagandist uninterested in facts which trouble his beautiful mind.

One gets used to criticism, but it's hard to let it just roll over you when you see yourself or your wider world being utterly misrepresented by the mainstream media which is supposed to be committed to telling the truth.

The notion that Markos is sitting around telling bloggers what to do is just ludicrous. There are bloggers who spend time try to herd the cats somewhat through organization and discussion - not through any top-down control efforts - but Markos isn't even one of those people. And, contra Jedmunds, this doesn't involve attempts to manipulate the "sheep" who are our readers, but rather how to sometimes influence the wider media-poltical bloodstream through emphasis and fact-based messaging. You know, sometimes bloggers discuss stuff. The horrors.

But, to reiterate, the reason Brooks's column is so funny is because it's so wrong. Markos has a big megaphone on his site. If there are bloggers out there who fear being mean to Markos because maybe he won't link you then perhaps you need to rethink your whole relationship to the blogging thing. But otherwise Markos is not one to spend his time controlling the blogosphere. Markos barely reads blogs, let alone tries to tell people what to put on theirs.

But, hey, it's BoBo's world, the world of a goatfucking methaddict, so what do you expect.

For the record, Supreme Overlord Kos didn't send me a single dictate telling me how to respond to BoBo.