Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Depravity of Our Media

I certainly agree history requires that we continue to document the fact that there's nothing that right wing lunatics can say which will cause the mainstream media to stop giving them a prominent platform, but we really should acknowledge that fact.

Remember that Coulter got canned from MSNBC 9 years ago when, according to her, she said to a disabled veteran:

People like you caused us to lose that war.

Although she didn't actually say that - what she actually said was "no wonder you guys lost" - she herself gave the quote to Howard Kurtz when explaining to him what happened. Later she took Kurtz to task for falsely accusing her of saying what she herself had told him she said.

Needless to say she's been on NBC's various outlets numerous times since then.

Coulter's also mocked triple amputee Max Cleland, claiming that the silver star recipient wasn't a war hero.

Malkin accused John Kerry of inflicting his own wounds.

There's nothing these people can say which will stop the mainstream media from putting them on. It's all balanced out, you see, by the fact that Michael Moore is fat.

So, yes, Coulter identifies John Murtha as a worthy target of murder. She'll probably be rewarded with a show cohosted with Joe Klein where they can talk about how nasty liberal bloggers are.