Monday, June 12, 2006

Fact Free Journalism

From Friday's Good Morning America. Ana Marie and one of Malkin's little pals have their script:


Well, that's a good question. I think that he probably couldn't get it with blogger hate but it's not clear how important the blogger love is. We have to remember no matter how much we've heard about bloggers they haven't been the force behind electing anyone at all. Daily Coast [sic-bad transcript] which is the, the sort of force behind the convention that was here, which was called Yearly Coast [sic- bad transcript again], actually is kind of, I think, I think an 0-20 record as far as candidates they've endorsed.



I see them as a force. I wouldn't say envy is the word. I mean, I wish Kos and acolytes all the success in the world. As in remention (PH), this guy has helped or fundraised for, I think it's, 20 candidates now and he's 0-20. So I wish him all the success in that. I'm sure all those are moral victories he's had. But, you know, we wish him all the success. Get those nut roots, I'm sorry, net roots out there and have them hobnob with the democrats and pull them further to the left and further out of the mainstream. That's fine with me.

Daily Kos, 6/2/04

It was a long night, and that 3-4,000 vote margin made for some serious heartburn. But Ben Chandler is no longer the junior member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Rep. Stephanie Herseth gives the Democrats a 2-0 record in special election contests this year. That's after going over a decade without a single open-seat special election victory in the House.

And what makes the victory extra delicious is that both have come in strong Republican districts. Chandler's district was handily won by Bush 55-42, while South Dakota (Herseth's is an at-large seat) was a 60-38 Bush romp. Yet voters in both districts decided to flip parties and give Democrats a chance to fix the mess in D.C.

Chandler was able to eliminate any serious November competition with his handy victory in February. Herseth, on the other hand, will be bedeviled by Diedrich for the next five months straight. The GOP came too close to give November up without a fight. Herseth has become the Dems' most endangered incumbent. In fact, expect a wedge vote in the House designed specifically to put her in a bind. Some of you may not like it, but we're going to see some Republican-lite out of Herseth in the coming months. It's the only chance we'll have to hold the seat.

Both Chandler and Herseth were heavily supported by the Daily Kos. Not that it should really matter - of course bloggers are going to support more longshot candidates in general - but as this is a standard right wing talking points, loved by Time's liberal blogger as well as the rest of the lying liars on the right, I thought I'd clear it up for the hundredth time.

...adding, of course, the recent primary victory of Jon Tester.