Friday, June 16, 2006

How Is It Possible?

AJ asks:

But aside from the astonishing heartlessness and political stupidity of Republicans who immediately embraced this imbecilic plan, amnesty for anti-Coalition fighters endangers U.S. troops. How do we reconcile releasing people who have killed U.S. forces in the past with arresting and detaining those who do it in the future? "Sorry, Joe Insurgent, but you missed amnesty by a day. If you had only blown up that tank yesterday you could go free, but instead it's off to Abu Ghraib." And any such precedent sets up a situation in which the Iraqi government will constantly be using this as a card to play in negotiations. Negotiations with "terrorists." Something I thought we didn't do.

Under some circumstances amnesty is understandable, even beneficial. Most notably in a cease-fire agreement. But you can't have a government that both asks America to keep our troops there AND tells its people that it's okay to kill our troops. How is it possible that there are Republicans who don't understand that?

This Republican party is weak, inept, and stupid. They've never seen the Iraq war as anything other than a domestic political issue. They don't know how to govern. They're uninterested in competently running anything. This disaster is their fault, and except for a couple like "Freedom Fries" Jones, none of them have any understanding of or concern with what they've unleashed on the world.

They're incomptent mendacious clowns, who would be funny if they weren't running the show. But Michael Moore is fat, Al Gore shaved his beard, and Bush has got his mojo back because polls went up a point, all the way up to 37.

Mission accomplished!