Monday, June 05, 2006

Let's Hope

Philadelphia area mass transit needs to be a lot better than it is and there is sufficient demand for it. This would be an improvement:

NJ Transit chief George Warrington is pitching a new rail service between Philadelphia and Newark, with the goal of giving central New Jerseyans a quick, cheap ride into Center City.

But the trains, which could be running within a couple of years, also would give another travel option to Philadelphians always on the lookout for a good deal into New York.

In an interview, Warrington outlined his plan for extending the line that links Atlantic City with Philadelphia's 30th Street Station. Eleven of the 14 daily trains would continue north, stopping in Trenton, Princeton Junction and Hamilton on their way to Newark Penn Station or possibly Hoboken.

There are many things which confuse me about SEPTA, but a simple one is their apparent inability (or indifference or unwillingness) to make a deal to allow SEPTA pass holders to ride the PATCO subway within the city.

And, while I'm bitching, stop digging up the damn trolley tracks.