Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More Like This

Good. No one can come up with any sensible reason private insurers should be involved in the Medicare drug plan. It just adds another layer of bullshit to the whole thing, so let people choose the a plan administered by the feds. Let them negotiate, save money, and kill the donut hole. The trifecta!

Think about the advantage when you're negotiating on behalf of 43 million elderly and disabled Americans. That's the image painted by Democratic lawmakers who want the federal government to negotiate drug prices on behalf of Medicare recipients.

The Democrats envision using the money that is saved to close a gap in coverage, called the "doughnut hole," that will affect an estimated 6.9 million people this year.

"Democrats fought against Social Security privatization, and we are now working to fix the flaws in the Republican prescription drug program," said California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader.

The Democratic proposal, being introduced Tuesday, provides an alternative viewpoint to how the drug benefit should be shaped. Currently, seniors and the disabled select from dozens of plans offered in their state by private insurers, who negotiate prices.

The Democratic proposal would let beneficiaries choose a plan administered by the federal government.