Friday, June 02, 2006


Rain. Glorious rain. Finally. It's too early for sequential 90 degree days.

Speaking of hot days, the right wing denial of global warming is somewhat amusing. Sure there are the industry-funded shills (and those who want to get themselves some of that good wingnut welfare) and the professional contrarians, but it doesn't stop there. Global warming denial has become one of those obligatory positions for conservatives. It's a little bizarre. What's conservative about it, really? I have no idea. But for those in the conservative movement it's a required position, and even the college kids are hip to it.

I've been trying to figure out if there are any liberal-Democratic equivalents to this kind of thing. The closest things I could come up with were ANWR and McCain-Feingold CFR. I don't mean I think drilling in ANWR is a good idea or that opposing it is in any way dishonest, but it's certainly taken on a symbolic life which is grander and greater than the issue itself. And McCain-Feingold was certainly one of those things that no one really understood that much but thought as a symbolic stand it had some importance.

Dunno, maybe there are other things. But, hey, conservatives, enjoy being comic relief for the rest of us.