Saturday, June 17, 2006

Upping the Ante

Lamont's increasing his personal financing of his campaing.

Ned Lamont is contributing another $500,000 to his Senate campaign, bringing his personal investment in the race to $1.5 million, his campaign said Friday.

The Lamont campaign cast the latest contribution by the multimillionaire businessman as necessary to counter attack ads by Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman.

"Ned said he would not sit back and let Lieberman attack him without a response. This shows he wasn't kidding," said Tom Swan, Lamont's campaign manager.

I know some people wonder why the pretty wealthy Lamont wasn't just self-financing his entire campaign. He is obviously wealthy but I don't know if he really has the liquid wealth which would allow him to ceasily ompete with Lieberman's PAC money. But, in any case, this kind of campaign was only going to be viable if Lamont could pull together the kind of grass root support base which he appears to have done.

Join the party.

From the article we see how Lieberman's people lie almost reflexively, just like the administration they support:

Lamont had publicly promised for weeks to accept any invitation to debate, but the Lieberman campaign issued a press release Friday afternoon asking, "Will Ned agree to a debate and answer questions on issues that matter to real voters?"

Swan said the press release was cheap posturing, since Lamont had accepted Channel 30's invitation on Wednesday.

Two days after Lamont agreed to the debate, Lieberman implies he hadn't.

What a fucking wanker.