Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wanker of the Day

Baby Kean:

the most dramatic exchange occurred when Mr. Kean sought to contrast his own background and record in Westfield, a wealthy suburb, with Mr. Menendez's in Hudson County.
"I invite people to come to Westfield, look at my hometown, and look at my actions. Are you willing to invite people into Hudson County, Bob, to look at this record, because we need to make sure we have real leadership in the future?"

There was a gasp from the audience.

"Are you casting an aspersion upon the people of Hudson County?" Mr. Menendez asked.

"You know better than that, Bob."

"That's the way your question sounds," Mr. Menendez said, adding, "They're hard-working, they're blue-collar people."

"You're right," Mr. Kean said, before continuing to criticize Mr. Menendez.

Oh my.