Thursday, June 01, 2006

We Lead You Follow

Continuing from the post below, one incredibly interesting thing I find about the US foreign policy discussion is how easily the political leadership kicks the soccer ball and the media and useful idiots follow it. Most countries in this world have human rights records which most of us find appalling. I could spend my days denouncing them all, and I'd feel real good about myself. Maybe I could rename myself the Denouncer.

But whatever its flaws Iran isn't the worst country in the world, it just happens to be a country with not-so-great-human rights which we don't happen to like today. We do like our buddies in Saudi Arabia, a country with a truly awful ruling regime. Not fashionable to spend our days denouncing them.

The point is there are nasty regimes all over the world. It'd be nice to have leadership in this country which was genuinely dedicated to "spreading freedom and democracy" but that would be, you know, "hard work." Instead we just get regular rounds of "denounce the bad regime of the week."

Onward to Bolivia!