Sunday, July 09, 2006

Binging and Purging

My, I hope that one day Jon Chait explains to me the difference between "supporting one candidate against another candidate" and "purging."

It's very normal for insiders to bemoan the powers of incumbency. Oddly, when incumbency is challenged, they bemoan that too.

I'm really getting confused about all this stuff.

What's even weirder is Chait's entire formulation: Lieberman is bad, but some people who support Lamont are worse, therefore I must support Lieberman.

Does spending time writing for TNR do something to your brain? It's all very strange.

...adding, as any sentient being would have understood the reason Lieberman's statement about having loyalties higher than party was absurd was not because it's absurd to have loyalties higher than party, it's because it's an absurd way to justify his course of action.