Monday, July 03, 2006


Glenn Greenwald naively thinks that maybe the fact that the right wing wrongosphere spent the entire weekend in full homocidal freakout mode over photos taken with the full permission of Donald Rumsfeld might slightly reduce their credibility.

They're wrong about almost everything all the time. They make shit up, invent fake "scandals," and generally piss on any notion of truth or ethics all of the time.

And Howie Kurtz loves them.

Howard Kurtz puts Hinderaker on CNN virtually every weekend. Malkin and Horowitz are treated like respectable pundits on Fox and other stations. And yet their standards for what they assert are no different than Star Magazine or the lowest, bottom-feeding liars who literally invent facts at will. They spent the whole weekend trying to inflame hatred against the NYT by telling their readers that the NYT article deliberately endangered Don Rumsfeld's security in order to retaliate against him - even though that could not possibly have been true based on known facts, and even though Don Rumsfeld himself authorized the use of those photographs. What possible defense is there for this behavior, and what rational person would consider Malkin, Hinderaker, Horowitz, Red State -- all of them -- even the slightest bit credible in the future?