Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cut and Run Joe

While concerns about what Schumer and the gang will do if Joe loses the primary and demands a "do over" are legitimate, I think the momentum against Joe will cause them to not give him the support he imagines he'll get. Even Clinton's people are making noises that Joe had better win that primary.

More than that, Joe's going to find out real fast that his true loyal base - Republicans - are going to disappear even faster. I have no idea why he imagines that the NRSC and the gang will sit by and happily watch that seat remain with a guy who claims he'll keep caucausing with the Democrats when, in a 3 way race, they'd have a realistic pickup opportunity. Joe'll find out real fast that he doesn't have any friends left.

Lieberman's only got himself to blame for this. He's played everything exactly wrong since Lamont jumped in, and we thank him for it.

Still gotta win the primary. More than donating money, make sure you reach out to everyone you know in CT. Not everyone pays much attention to these things. Not everyone bothers to vote in primaries.