Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I suppose the fact that the Lieberman campaign makes shit up could be seen as a metaphor for something. Maybe smarter people than me can figure out what.

That's the bumper sticker appearing in the latest campaign advertisement airing across Connecticut in the ongoing Democratic primary battle for U.S. Senate.

The commercial, approved and paid for by Sen. Joe Lieberman's campaign, would have you believe his opponent, Ned Lamont, designed the negative attack on the three-term incumbent. But every detail of the bumper sticker — including its nomorejoe.com reference — is fiction.

Lieberman's campaign says it is a "metaphor" for the way they believe Lamont is running his campaign. Lamont's campaign calls it "an act of desperation."

"I think this is a desperate effort by a self-centered, career politician to cling to power," said Tom Swan, Lamont's campaign manager.