Saturday, July 29, 2006

More Instawanker

Josh Marshall responds here. And as Greg reminds me, Reynolds has done something similar to me a few times by suggesting that I'd advocate the nuking of Iran. The basis for that was back when Iran was frightening all the cowardly warbloggers I attempted to explain that if Iran got a nuke they'd be rather unlikely to use one as if they did they would cease to exist. This was not an endorsement of such a policy, though I do endorse the policy of everyone believing it's our policy as I think given we have all these nice nuclear missiles it's useful to actually exploit their deterrent effect. I hope we're never tested on what our actual response to nuclear terrorism is no matter who is to blame, both because I hope nuclear terrorism never happens to us and becaue I don't really want to have to actually consider what the appropriate response to such an event would be.