Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Not Quite

Sure Lieberman has the right to become an independent or join the Bullshit Moose party or whatever he wants to do. But his latest actions demonstrate a contempt for the Democratic primary process put into place in Connecticut, and threatens the integrity of the whole system. Lieberman's setting a precedent which should probably lead to a revision of Connecticut's ballot access laws to prevent such a thing from happening. You shouldn't be allowed to simultaneously run on a primary ballot and pull petitions to put yourself on the general ballot under the Bullshit Moose party. It makes a mockery of the primary system, and will make the already-almost-impossible task of removing an incumbent in a political primary that much more difficult.

If Lieberman was a noble man, he'd have made his choice: run in the primary or run as an independent. Instead, he's decided that all incumbents in Connecticut should leave themselves the opportunity for a "do over." Pathetic.