Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Online Integrity

Feel it:
With those brilliant responses assembled before him, Instapundit -- who endlessly parades himself around as a righteous advocate of civil discourse, and was one of those who spent the weekend lamenting the terrible language directed to Jeff Goldstein -- also weighed in. He approvingly cited the very high-level resonses from Dan Riehl, Sister Toldjah, and Patterico, and then shared with us: "I'm no fan of Greenwald." (Incidentally, Instapundit, who continues to claim to be an adherent to the privacy-protecting "Online Integrity" concpet, links to Riehl, who currently has posted on his blog satellite photographs of Pinch Salzburger's home along with his home address).

So that's the level of discourse that comes from right-wing bloggers, every one of whom cited here -- each and every one -- doled out solemn lectures this weekend about how terrible it is for people to write mean personal insults on the Internet, only to respond to my post today with the above-excerpted tantrums. And all of that leaves to the side the fact that they were unable to comprehend the actual arguments that were made in the post -- most of them thought the opposite argument was being made -- something which QandO's Jon Henke had to explain to them here and here. But the whiny seems more notable than the lack of comprehension.