Friday, July 21, 2006


It's true that it's Lieberman supporters who are the unhinged crazies. I don't mean all supporterse of Lieberman, but the ones writing spittle-flecked paranoid rants in the media about how bloggers are sapping their precious bodily fluids and how the defeat of Lieberman may mark the end of the Democratic party, the arrival of the Rapture, and the return of New Coke. As Josh Marshall writes:

One thing that strikes me is the sheer intensity of views on this race. We've heard a good deal already about the intensity of opposition to Lieberman. But his supporters, or what you might call the anti-anti-Lieberman crowd are really no less intense or in some cases almost unhinged about it. There is this sense that a Lieberman defeat on August 8th would be some sort of apocalyptic event, with Lieberman cast as some martyr, to what I'm really not sure.

Heard a damn thing about the Chafee primary in the national media?

Me neither.