Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Enablers

It'll take a better writer than me to really address this issue well, but I have to admit I'm still somewhat puzzled by those who long enabled Bush's disaster in Iraq. I don't mean lickspittles like Bill Kristol, but nominal Democrats whose personal insecurities and deep self-loathing required - and still require - them to imagine an allegiance and affiliation with some bizarre tribe of "hawks" who were wrong for the right reasons as opposed to those who were, in their judgment, right for the wrong reasons.

In their world they were the courageous ones - as if supporting an administration's policies is courageous - and those who risked getting Dixie Chicked were cowardly and weak.

It's disheartening that even now many of them are more concerned with marginalizing the opinions of those who rightly saw this as folly from the beginning than they are at taking a long hard look at themselves.

They fucked up, and many sadly continue to do so.