Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Hidden Hand of the Marketplace is giving you the Finger and other musings

Hmmmmm, sounds like a relevant question from an occasional poster at some normally rinky-dink, pseudo-intellectual, non-funny blog run by some foot and/or hat fetishist.

BP may make a LOT more money because the pipeline is shut down, what is their incentive to get it fixed quickly?

Meanwhile, it seems like our national media likes to follow the Bush Administration and Joe Lieberman line by avoiding the words "Civil War" as occurring in Iraq. There is a very, very high threshold that apparently can only be met if Maliki's nickname becomes "al-Stonewall" (I've been already been calling Bush "Burnside" for a while now).

On the other hand, the threshold for the Democratic Party is low indeed -- I give you Howie Fineman!

Keith, I think there‘s a civil war brewing, it‘s almost broken out in the Democratic Party, over the war in Iraq and the war on terror in general. I think it‘s going to continue and deepen and become more heated, whatever the results are in Connecticut tomorrow.

Makes perfect sense right?