Tuesday, August 01, 2006


After listening to Will Marshall earlier I admit I'm getting even more confused.

Is anyone in liberal Hawkistan, Joe Lieberman and his defenders included, providing any leadership on Iraq? Can Lieberman's defenders really not see that the judgment of a man who continues to defend not just the invasion but the prosecution of the war and the occupation is deeply flawed? Is there anyone who can, with good conscience, argue that this man has not, as Michael Ware said, "lost the plot" on Iraq and that we should keep such a person in office?

We were told Iraq was the most important thing ever, and that we should take our leadership on that issue from people like Joe Lieberman. Now Iraq is no longer important and it's just fine that Joe does nothing.

I don't understand.

I'm generally not very nice to Joe Biden, as he provides more bluster than action, but at least he provides the bluster. Is Joe "stay the course" Lieberman really someone who deserves to be in the US Senate?