Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Greg Sargent:

Brooks and his ilk would sooner allow the complete deterioration of their credibility, their capacity for orderly, rational thinking, and perhaps even their sanity before admitting that in supporting Bush's Iraq invasion, they fell prey to a catastrophic lapse in judgment that's left us hopelessly mired in an ever-expanding disaster with no foreseeable end.

I just wish I understood why they won't just let go and admit this already. Would it really in the end be all that difficult? Wouldn't it be an enormous relief, even a great freeing experience of sorts?

The problem, of course, is that "and his ilk" includes much of what passes for the liberal commentariat in our mainstream media and a healthy chunk of Democratic senators. Even most of those who have recognized that maybe, just maybe, they got it wrong still cling to the phrase "everybody thought he had WMDS!" which is ahistorical bullshit.