Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I was sitting here thinking about the Lamont/Lieberman race and I suddenly remembered the father and son who came to vote while I was standing outside the polling place in CT. They came together, though in separate cars, and the father rolled down the window and said something along the lines of "I voted for your guy because he won't send my son off to war." Aside from the buzz cut there wasn't anything which identified the son as being in the military in any way, though he certainly could have been.

It's the height of buffoonery to lend support to the lunatics who are running our foreign policy. It is the very definition of "unserious" to support these clowns. The judgment of anybody who supports these people is so flawed as to defy comprehension.

Please consider making a small contribution to one of these fine candidates or to any of your favorites. The end of the quarter is arriving.