Wednesday, August 30, 2006


So Chris Shays says there hasn't been progress in Iraq since January. But in March he agreed with his BFF Joe Lieberman's courageous declaration that there has been progress. In the debate with Lamont, Lieberman (CFL-CT) asked "are we going to abandon them while they are making that progress? "

Shays used to say a timetable was a bad idea. His BFF Joe Lieberman said a timetable would be a victory for terrorists. Now Shays says a timetable is a good idea and his BFF Joe Lieberman says he needs to study Shays' ideas more carefully.

And these are the people the Bullshit Moose thinks are serious about foreign policy.

Did serious become slang for "fucking wrong about everything all the time" while I was sleeping?

Bush is serious, yo.