Thursday, August 31, 2006

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Watched a copy of the movie the other day, which will be out soon. It was fairly entertaining and a reasonable well done indictment of the power and secrecy of the MPAA, but I think it was a bit too tailored towards a hip insidery audience to be all that effective as a tool of persuasion. We learn that the MPAA operates with extraordinary secrecy, dishonesty, and inconsistency, that it's obsessed with sex and doesn't care too much about violence, that Christian (and only Christian) clergy have always been participants, or at least observers, in the ratings process, and that they often have rather large influence on how movies eventually get made/edited.

Still it's hard to see who, except for those of us who were prone to agree anyway, will find any of this convincing. I agree that it's absurd that sex is treated as something more shocking and dangerous than violence, but I think it's an absurd aspect of our society as a whole. The movie addresses this point, in part, by showing a lot of sex scenes which pushed movies into NC-17 territory but I imagine lots of people would agree that such scenes should push movies into NC-17 territory.

Anyway, it's not bad but I would've preferred it to be a bit more informative and a bit less shocking/jokey/cute.